Scrapbook – can a hobbit be a brawler?

There’s lots of folks who will write very detailed and useful posts about the current Bullroarer preview for the Legendary Weapons revamp. There’ll be streamers who work out exactly how to play the new class. These are all incredibly valuable people.

Then there’s me. I don’t do detailed and useful, I do silly fun, so I just want to answer the one really important question – can a hobbit be a brawler?

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer? Lets go on an intro adventure!

Brawler is the first new class that hobbits can play since Warden, so if you’re a hobbit player this could be big. So, how they looking?

Yeah, that’s a bit silly, but is that going to stop me? Nope, lets roll em! I mean, the role is described as “Absolutely Cool Person”, who doesn’t want to be that? Gameplay description is still the Burglar one.

And here he is, Basha the brawler. Yes, its a hobbit. In plate mail and very large knuckledusters. Wait until you see his cloak.

Its the standard hobbit intro, so here’s Bounder Boffin. Forget him though, look at the tiny cloak!

What’s Boffin got for us in his bag? Anything good? Nah, its just what we’re already using.

Lets take a quick look at our opening skills. Not all the skills have icons yet, so brawler clearly isn’t battle-ready yet.

Overhand Smash is the first all-new animation, the other skills animations were already in the game for half orcs by the look of them.

Lets have a closer look at how our hobbit brawler looks in default gear.

Definitely silly, but is it fun silly? Eye of the beholder I think. Me, I love how the default helmet makes him look like he’s got seventies sideburns. Way to be an absolutely cool person there, Basha.

How does brawler play? Well he’s all about the thrill of battle apparently, so I just want to get out there and punch things!

I want to punch spiders!


I want to punch a wolf in the face!

I want to punch a Blackwold spy in the….wait, how high can I actually reach here?

I want to punch a pig!

And a Marsh Fly!

And a Marsh Fly Queen while I’m at it, I’m not messing about here, I’m going right to the top.

I want to punch a Brigand Lieutenant!


And a Blackwold!

And especially Calder Cob, take it in the chest, beardy!

Basically if you’re a brawler you just want to punch ALL THE THINGS.

OK, fine, but how does it really play? Well the familiarity of the intro gives you a chance to quickly assess where they’re going with brawler and so far I’d say he’s a….Guardichamp. Like a Guardian who can actually do some damage.

The trainer is there in Archet, as expected:

And he has this quest for you…if you can look anywhere else other than THE TINY CLOAK.

The first new skill you pick up is this:

Bit complex, but OK.

On to the all-important trait trees:

Text not complete yet and it seems the trait lines aren’t completely decided on, but brawlers can definitely tank and definitely do damage. Some Guardian players going to be less than happy I’m guessing.

I went red line and the first trait point spend looks like this:

I picked up the new skill, because obviously. Does a lot of damage to mobs that have at least 80% health. Nice twist that I think.

So there’s a quick first look at brawler class and hobbits can be brawlers. Who’d have thought it? Its so spendidly silly that I know I’m not going be able to resist rolling one on live when it gets released. Who could resist that sideburned helmet and TINY CLOAK?

Why not get on Bullroarer during this latest preview and discover this new class for yourself?

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