Farmers Faire dailies…and why you want to ignore everything I’ve said

So I asked the question, did the fine folks of the LOTRO community want a fast dailies guide for Farmers Faire and 84.2% of respondents said they did. That’s a higher percentage in favour than dentists who recommend trident, so I had to do it! You asked for it, you got it; here’s how to do your Farmers Faire dailies for the wrapper of 10 quests in 15 minutes and why really you want to ignore me and do 11 – 16 quests instead!

Where to start? How about at the stables in Michel Delving where you can catch a horse to Bywater, click the horse for Farmers Faire.

You’ll get deposited in the perfect place in Bywater, right by Campanula Chubb who has the daily wrapper (and all the other wrapper-wrapper and wrapper-wrapper-wrapper quests. Its like quest pass the parcel out here) quest that you want to get going.
Got your quest? Good! Head straight past Campanula and the well to get to the most important quest hub in this daily run, Daisy Sandyman the overworked vendor.
Daisy is who you pick up the quest Manning The Market from, its a timed, 15 minute mini-wrapper for all the quests you’re about to do. Once you’ve got it 6 different customers in the crowd will light up with rings:
Its very important to note that in the guide I’ll be starting with the customer on the left and working my way to the right. This is a quest riff in B, look for the changes and try and keep up (10 geek points to anyone who got the reference).

First up is Apple Shopping. This is simple but you’re at the mercy of the random number generator as to how quickly this one happens.

Keep clicking on the crate until you get all the apples that you need; 3 green, 6 red, 1 golden. Don’t throw away the inevitable extras that you’ll get, they’ll be able to count for tomorrow’s dailies and you’ll be able to be done faster. Its no quicker if you switch between crates, just in case you were thinking of trying. Its just that random number generator. Hand that in to Daisy when you get done and on to the quests that need a bit more of a guide if you’re not familiar with them.

Next is Fresh Savoury Mushroom Stew, which is the most running around you’ll have to do to in these market quests.

  1. Turn around immediately from the market stall and cross over towards the oven. The first item – the recipe – will be there. Pick it up from the table.
  2. Turn left and head down towards the meat area of the faire. When you get closer the ingredient you need will appear; its beef here, but the “only appear when you get close” rule applies to all the ingredients.
  3. Do a 180 and return to where the recipe was. Add in the salt.
  4. Turn to the right and you’ll see the water by the well. Add that in.
  5. Do a 180 and head down to the vegetables area of the faire. Get close and see the carrots, its the last of the 4 boxes on the ground.
  6. Turn right and head back to the meat area. Now you’re adding in bacon that appears on a shelf near the back.
  7. Head up the slope in front of you and up to the mushroom tent! Mushrooms will appear on the tables in front of the tent, left and right of the entrance. You need both.
  8. Turn right and head back towards the oven area, when you get closer you’ll see the savoury mushroom stew bowl appear. Click on that and you’ll finish the last step, then hand it all in to Daisy and that’s another quest done!

Next up is A Nosey Request! We’re going do to that, but we’ll be throwing in some extras along the way. Why? Because going fast at Farmers Faire isn’t about saving minutes, like at Midsummer Festival, its about shaving off seconds here and there and this way you’ll only need to go into The Green Dragon once. Read on to find out what on earth I’m talking about. First, just collect A Nosey Request quest. That’s a lot of quest in once sentence.

Before we do A Nosey Request, we’re going to turn around and go and talk to Bluet Goldworthy and collect her quest, Frozen Sweet-cream (mmm, nice!).

Straight away you can collect the vat of frozen sweet cream from behind Bluet, then its just a step or two to the left to collect the fresh fruit to add into the mix.

Next we’re going to take another step to the left and do a completely different quest that isn’t even going to count towards the wrapper. Wait, what?

OK, here’s the thing about Farmers Faire; there’s so many quests and they’re all made of tokens and those expeas and so sometimes its too tempting to leave them there when its so easy to do some of the quests along the way. That’s why we’re going to do an extra-quick addition at this stage, mere seconds to grab some more tokens!

Talk to Sperling Took and pick up his mini-wrapper quest. Its up to you if you want to pursue the full deed, but this is about speed, so I’m just going to pick up the same one each time – “To Cotton’s Farm: Restocking Cabbages”, because we’re practically already there!

The quest is to run to Cotton’s Farm and back, which given that it’s just the other side of the 3 Farthing Stone makes this exceptionally easy, but make it even faster, you get given a mysterious pie for a speed boost. Just click the icon for it in your quest list and you’ll get the speed boost (pay attention to the tool tip text in red there). You’ll be there and back in 2 clicks.

Its a little diversion from the pure speed run (ditch it if you don’t want to include it) but the 20ish seconds (if you jump on your steed to get to the farm) it takes are worth it to me, all those tokens and expeas are very welcome on the low level Mistahobbits that I have on all the servers now!

Meanwhile, back at the manning the market quests, we’re heading into The Green Dragon!

Jump the bar and you’ll find Ernwyd Bolger fast asleep behind the barrels. Click on him to continue with A Nosey Request, then turn around and talk to the unfortunately named Barmy Rootknot to progress Frozen Sweet-Cream quest. To complete, click on the little icon next to it in your quest list, then head out of the Green Dragon and back into Bywater.

To continue and complete A Nosey Request head back across and up the slope to the mushroom tent, where Alric Hornblower is fast asleep. Wake him and head out and up to the right to The Methel Stage, where Opalessa Sandheaver is dancing. She doesn’t want to work, she wants to dance! I hear you, Opalessa, I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on my drum all day.

Head back down to Daisy Sandyman and hand that in and then brace yourself, the next 3 are going to go fast!

Don’t forget that we’re working from left to right through these quests. The next 3 are all shopping lists that you have to collect and the first bit of advice is just to ignore the lists that you receive with each quest as they can be a bit distracting and not the most efficient route to take (remember that shaving seconds off? Well that). So, here’s the 3 collecting quests, in order, in the fastest order to collect them in!

For all of these collection quests, do an immediate 180 from picking up the quest and start in the oven area, moving anti-clockwise around the faire and that will bring you back to the hand in and the next quest. Do them in the order below:

First List:

  1. White Cheese
  2. Red Onion
  3. White Bread
  4. Big Leg Of Meat
  5. Green Apple
  6. Small Head of Cabbage

Second List:

  1. Yellow Cheese
  2. White Onion
  3. White Bread
  4. Green Apple

Third List:

  1. Yellow Cheese
  2. White Onion
  3. Brown Bread
  4. Bacon
  5. Big Head of Cabbage

That’s it, you’ve done Manning The Market! 6 out of 10 quests done and you’ve likely got about 6 minutes left on the Manning The Market timer. For the purposes of this route, we’re done with Bywater. Yes, we’re leaving behind all those other quest rings that we can see. What could I possibly be thinking? Well, we’re about those fast dailes, right? So, in pursuit of speed, lets head to The Party Tree by whatever method suits you best.

Once you arrive at The Party Tree you’ll find Tansy Tighfield who you hand in the Frozen Sweet-Cream to. We’re at 7 towards the wrapper now.

Next, turn around and head to your right, towards the 2 horses which travel to Taste Of Hobbiton and Keg Races. Click on the Keg Races horse for our next quest.

You land in an instance area by Thorin’s Hall! Head into the area and towards the left, where you’ll find the Keg Races. See if you can resist the temptation to do the races if the quest ring is up (I have particular difficulty with this!) and head beyond the 2 race organiser dwarves to find Skalli.

Collect his quest to recover the things that he’s thrown away or dropped (fair to say, Skalli has some rage issues) and head off to gather them. The only one that is tricky to spot is the shield, which is the first one to find. Run anti-clockwise around the race loop as its easier to spot the items that way. You’ll go the whole way around the loop to get them all.

  1. Turn around and his shield is directly ahead, past the race dwarves and between a keg and the rail.
  2. His mug is on a shelf of stone by some crystals.
  3. His pick is stuck into a keg.
  4. When you see some kegs by some crystals and water, dip behind them through the gap and collect his spear.
  5. His jewel is on the edge of the bridge by the start of the race

Hand back into Skalli and you’re done!

8 out of 10 quests down. Head back to The Party Tree by clicking on the Taste Of Hobbiton horse by the entrance and then run through there to click on the horse back to The Party Tree, or head out of the doors and click the horse back to The Party Tree from Thorin’s Gate Stables (thanks for that tip, Laurel!).

One more quest to go! Head to the other side of The Party Tree, between the Inn League fellows, and you’ll find Foxglove Tunnelly by the pipeweed vendor.

Collect her (appropriately named?) quest Too Much Festival, enjoy the fact that it gives you easy virtue XP too, and head off around the tree to collect them. All items are very close to the tree, which is why this quest is the fastest of the many ones that you can collect from The Party Tree. We’ll head in a roughly anti-clockwise direction again and loop our way back to Foxglove Tunnelly.

  1. Her bottle is just to the right, under the Inn League Initiation quest tent.
  2. Hop the hedge and you’ll find her parasol by Gaffer Gamgee. How has he not noticed?
  3. Her ball of twine is right by The Party Tree.
  4. Her book is on top of the big rock, opposite the travel horses.
  5. Her teapot is on a table in the cooking area by the tree.

Return to Foxglove and hand it in and you’re done! Wait, this is only 9 quests, isn’t it? Well, check your quest list and you’ll likely have just a few seconds left on Manning The Market, when that ticks down to zero you’ll get your 10th quest completion and you can go and talk to Campanula Chubb and hand in the wrapper, hurrah! You’ve done your daily in exactly 15 minutes!

Problem is, we’re at The Party Tree and we want to be back in Bywater for tomorrows daily run. What to do?

How about getting some more tokens just for travelling back to Bywater? Easy! Go and talk to Tansy Tighfield (who you handed the sweet-cream to) and collect the ice delivery quest. Pick up the block from the cooking area and march it over to Bywater before it melts. You’ll need to avoid all those cats and children and old ladies with flames coming out of their heads who will bring you to a stop, so this is the route I use below:

Drop the ice back with poor Bluet Goldsworthy, surrounded by that crowd of drunks, and you’ve got another 4 tokens – and somehow you’ve done 12 quests in your 10 quest wrapper. Which is kind of the point of Farmers Faire.

VERY important note; if you go really fast you can get back to Bywater with the ice block before Manning The Market has timed out its 15 minutes. Whatever you do, don’t log out before that completes if you’re not planning to log that character on again that day, or you won’t be able to do this run tomorrow, as it will complete when you log on the next day.

So, there’s the fast daily route, all very easily done in 15 minutes maximum, but if you take one piece of advice away from this its this; completely ignore everything I’ve told you and mix it up however you fancy each day, because there’s just so much in this festival. I haven’t even touched on the loop of 4 other easy quests you can do in about 3 or 4 minutes at The Party Tree, we’ve not tried the races (Food, Keg or Horse), there’s not even been a mention of the multiple fishing quests, or of the other Bywater quests, or the eggs scramble or the mushroom hunt.

Yes, you can go fast at Farmers Faire if you want and this route is the way to do it, but if you want to know how to really enjoy Farmers then explore, try, take it slow and have fun and you’ll find what is my absolute favourite of all the LOTRO festivals. Do that and you’ll never get bored at Farmers Faire – and you’ll get so many tokens its ridiculous! Did I mention how great the rewards are at this festival and how many of them there are? Go on, explore, enjoy and get good stuff, its the festival that keeps on giving.

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