In Praise Of…..Scholar’s Hall

Some recent, deeply scientific research leads me to believe that this location may be something of a hidden treasure. Less than 1 in 5 of you use Scholar’s Stairs to make your way across Bree, so perhaps some of you haven’t seen a simple, nondescript door, beneath the shade of a tree. Perhaps even if you have seen it, you’ve never wondered, never gone exploring.

If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on one of Bree’s great hidden treasures. But what will you find if you step beyond the threshold?

A simple, comfortably furnished room awaits, with many of the usual furnishings that you’re used to seeing, arranged attractively around a roaring fire. Yet its those big double doors at the end of the room that beckon you onwards, curious to see what lies beyond them. Lets go through and take a look.

Well that’s an eye opener and no mistake! Welcome to the Scholar’s Hall of Bree! Sumptuous appointments, rich and luxurious furnishings of distant lands, tapestries and maps from across Middle-earth covering the walls that aren’t filled with books or scrolls and in the midst the stage and seating, presumably for scholarly lectures. I have always thought this would make an excellent music venue though…

I’ve never seen anyone else in Scholar’s Hall when I’ve visited, but perhaps that would change if more people knew about it? Do your characters a favour and take them off to visit Scholar’s Hall, on the Scholar’s Stairs in Bree. Its a beautifully build and I can’t help thinking about whichever designer put it together; I imagine they’d quite like it if you discovered it too!

What hidden and unappreciated places do you like to visit in LOTRO? I’d love to know!

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