Scrapbook – Slayer Saturdays on Arkenstone

Slayer deeds, you know how they are; you grind them out as you’re adventuring through regions, but eventually you end up staring at a bunch of advanced ones and the new adventures you could go on to instead and so you move on and those slayer deeds end up unfinished until you’re way over-level and you need some virtue XP.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way, a way to make those slayer deeds, you know, fun? Well, I’ve found it, its called Slayer Saturdays, its run by TheeGreenEyedGamer and its an absolute riot.

Why bother grinding out those deeds when you can instead plough through them at breakneck pace in a raid sized group? Why do it properly when you can be part of a steamrollering party that bounces all over and leaves nothing alive behind it? This definitely appeals to my “don’t play the game properly” sensibilities!

Mistahobbit of Arkenstone joined the event last Saturday and went up 4 levels in 3 hours without finishing a single quest. It was wall-to-wall fun! The sheer audacity of it was entertaining and those goblins didn’t know what hit them, but it was also a big laugh on the twitch stream too. I do recommend going and having a look!

Slayer Saturday concludes on Arkenstone next Saturday and will be coming to a server near you soon, as the group moves on to a new server to go through all the free to play areas once again. I do recommend adding this to your lotro gaming schedule if you can, I’ll be back for sure and bringing friends!

One thought on “Scrapbook – Slayer Saturdays on Arkenstone

  1. Each week has been an absolute blast and Ive enjoyed running these! Looking forward to starting Evernight tomorrow! I hope you can join us again as we steamroll through Ered Luin!


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