There must be some kinda way outta here

It all started with a discussion on the LOTRO Community Discord, which is a very good place to spend your non-gaming time! Can you get out of the intro at level 1, someone asked, if you use stone of the tortoise and the intro skip from the store?

Now this is the sort of question that immediately presses my shenanigans button, the sort of silly project I just can’t resist finding out about. Plus I still talk about that level 2 that I got to the endgame area in Guild Wars, back in the day, so this was a chance to revisit that fun. Could it be done? Just like Inigo Montoya, I must know…

ShorelessSkies wanted to know as well, so while he set out on this stream to see if he could get through all the quests in the intro at level 1, I got to trying out the original idea; if I rolled a new character and bought those 2 things from the lotro store right away, could I get through the intro instantly at level 1?

Keep reading to find out what happened and what to do if you want to join in the shenanigans!

Here’s Mistahobbit over on Evernight server. Looks like he needs a friend, I’d say (in a slightly Doctor Frankenstein way), so lets create a companion for him!

Lets roll a hobbit lass for him to share his life with! Another minstrel, as I don’t think that any other class is going to be too much use at level 1.

There, that’s a good looking hobbit lass, the perfect person to try this (very) little adventure with. Now to give her a name. Well if we have Mistahobbit then she can be Mizhobbit!

All rolled and ready, lets head into Middle-earth for the shortest adventuring history in LOTRO, ever.

And we’ve landed in Middle-earth, in that same old spot for the tutorial intro. First thing I usually do is change all my options and settings to how I like them and re-organise my bags, but I’ll skip that for this post as its not exactly fun for anyone to read!

First thing to do is open the LOTRO store and search for tortoise. The community still calls it stone of the tortoise, even if the store calls it experience disabler. Buy this for 100LP.

Next thing to do is open the store again and search for veteran. This will find the Veteran Status: Intro Skip. Its normally 100LP too, but was on sale when I did this so only 75LP. Handy.

Here’s the stone of the tortoise (being called by its proper name at last) in inventory. Click to equip this and you’re already half way there. You currently have 0XP and that’s as much as you’ll ever get if you never take it off. All very amusing!

And here’s the Veteran Status, with the letter icon in your inventory. Click to open this and….

…you’ll be given the skip introduction quest. All you have to do is talk to Bounder Boffin to complete it, so its not exactly what you’d call a demanding quest.

Helpfully, ol’ Bounder Boffin is just up the road; click on him and be sure to select the skip introduction quest and only that one.

All you have to decide is what to do with the options that are given you….to pick which armor set you want. I’m a minstrel, so I’ll want the light armor pack, but pick whatever suits your class.

That’s it! You’re through the intro and into game proper at level 1! What fun shenanigans! Except this is where you run into a few problems. No quest giver (well almost no quest giver) wants to talk to you!

At least Alf Goodcliff will say hello, but he’s the only one in Little Delving. We’d best head off to Michel Delving instead.

A little visit to storage and that’s better. Lets look if anyone else wants to say hello.

Bless him and his open inclusiveness, Bingo Boffin still wants to say hello and has something for you to do.

Emerald Borings wants you to go and craft, but as level 1 is too low a level to even talk to Wenda and get the VIP town services, I don’t think I can face trying to craft with my new level 1 shenanigans character. No there’s nothing for it, she’ll have to….

…go to Bree! Here she’ll have easy access to storage, her likely job lets face it, but also don’t forget that she’s still a minstrel, so there’s still something else she can do for the LOTRO community.

Playing music outside of The Prancing Pony, of course, favoured pasttime of so many minstrel alts 😀

Yes, its a future of playing music to extremely small audiences for level 1 Mizhobbit, but at least she’ll be safe in Bree, which is about the only place that she will be safe!

So is it worth doing, getting a character through the intro and into the proper game at level 1? To me it is, its always worth it for the shenanigans and I know I’ll happily send Mizhobbit out to wander around Bree from time to time. Whether or not its worth it for you I’ll let you decide for yourself, but using that level skip isn’t the only way to do it.

Shorelessskies decided to try it the hard way and get through the whole intro at level 1! This may be the challenge for you to try! To see how he got on, watch this stream and then maybe you’ll know if this level 1 project is the sort of LOTRO side-shenanigans for you!

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