A walk in the woods

If you go down to the woods today…well, if you go to 2 Chalk Road, Woodwell, Shire Homesteads, Landroval server to be precise, you’ll find a kin house to explore.

This is the home of The Walkers In The Woods kin and this kin house was decorated specifically for the Deco Du Milieu Housing Week in Middle-earth #11 contest. It wasn’t good enough to make the shortlist but you fellow decorators know what its like, right? You can’t resist a chance to show off your finished projects and with a new blog I now have a chance to do that. Its also true that there are lots of folks that like to explore other houses and how they’re decorated; so would you like to take a trip with me?

Arrive at the gate and into the woods you must go, as the land is covered in trees; these are the Walkers In The Woods, after all! Lets head along the path…

The Walkers In The Woods kin came out of friends playing together during lockdown and sharing our enjoyment of real-life woods in the places of LOTRO Middle-earth instead.

THe aim of this kinhouse design was trying to bring the outside, inside; to build a homage to those great woodland camps and cave locations in the game. The plan was also to try to include something from every major wooded location in lotro.

Its lots of fun trying to do all of that within the limitations of the hooks and its perhaps an approach in which ambition outstrips the possible. There are also so many things that we’d have liked to include inside the house but which don’t fit in interior hooks; I promise you that Marigold Boffin is there in spirit!

Enjoy your visit to the home of The Walkers In The Woods and stay as long as you like! You can find it on Landroval server in the Shire Homesteads, Woodwell neighbourhood (what other neighbourhood could it be?) at 2 Chalk Road. Head into the neighbourhood, turn right and its the first kin house that you come to.

Thank you for taking this visit with me, I’d love to know what you think!

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