Midsummer Festival alternative dailies

You know how it goes, you’re all excited for the start of a festival and by the time you’ve done a few of your daily run it starts to feel like a bit of a chore. Today, if you’ve been doing the Midsummer Festival every day since it started, you’ll have completed the wrapper, so what next?

Well, this year the festival is different in a number of ways to last year; the wrapper stages only take 3 days, so if you’ve finished one lot of wrappers there’s still time to complete a full set on other characters before the last day of the festival on July 11th. Why would you want to go again? Because Figments of Splendour, that’s why! What with the new Weaving Wood furniture available from Figments barter vendor Rowan Raspberry you’ll be wanting to get as many as possible while you can, so that means taking more of your characters to Midsummer Festival.

Maybe you’ve already been following the quick daily route that I wrote last year and is included in Fibro Jedi’s Festival Guide this year; if so its likely you’ve well and truly had enough of riding around Minas Tirith and even if you’re going fast it’ll still take you 25 – 30 minutes to run the route. By now what you’ll be wanting is a fast run that doesn’t involve so much hacking through the city to do, you’ll want to go somewhere different, do something else. You’ll want to do quests that mostly stay in the same place instead of running all over a city. So lets do it!

What you’ll need

To make this route really fast, there’s a couple of things you’re going to need:

  1. A character who can do apprentice level crafting cooking and metalsmith or weaponsmith. Some players don’t bother with crafting, but all it takes here is to have selected a profession and you’ll be able to make some things that will save you at least one and possibly 2 quests, so well worth it.

2. A Premium House. Wait, what, I need a house to run a festival quickly? Yes, for one reason only – the 1 minute cooldown on the travel to skill for Premium Houses. Don’t have a Premium House? You need one just for travel reasons! Want a cheap and easy way to get one? Buying the (absolute must have) Starter Bundle from LOTRO Market gives you enough writs to buy a Gondor Premium House, along with a bunch of other benefits that make this such a bargain, but I’ll write more about why you want this another time.

For a top tip, try and buy a Gondor House at 1 or 2 Bay Road, they’re the closest to the stables which is what this is all about. If you’re feeling really flush with cash then 3 Ridge Road in Rohan Eastfold neighbourhood is the choice of the discerning LOTRO traveller. If you don’t like those houses or can’t get them, then you’ll need…

3. Stable Master from the in-game LOTRO store. There’s a 5 minute cooldown timer on these though, so need to time your moves right. It brings the stable to you and is super-handy, if you have the points to be able to get it.

Don’t have points or money to spend? I hear you and this route is still completely do-able by using the stables all around LOTRO, it just won’t be as fast! It will still be different to your usual route though, so still enjoyable for that.

Right, lets get going!

Step 1: Go to Minas Tirith Midsummer and pick up the wrapper from Faeleth. All the same so far!

Step 2 and still no change, head past the stable master and into the stables and pick up the quest from the curiously-named Loboris; its easy, its in one location and its fast and that’s why we’re doing it!

Step 3 is where things change. I’m hitting my premium house travel skill, but you could just run outside and talk to the stable master.

Once you land at your Premium House you’ll want to wake up your stable master or head to the neighbourhood stables;
Here’s the stables in Belfalas. We’re heading for Shire Homesteads!
One of the great things about the races at Shire Homesteads and Breeland Festival Grounds is that they now count towards festival wrappers. Even better, the previous 1 hour cooldown for a failed run is now only 5 minutes, so they’re now completely viable to include in your dailies route. After all, if you’re going to ride around in circles you may as well get a quest credit for it, right?

Once you’re done with Carl in The Shire, head to Breeland Festival Grounds (either hit your premium house travel skill, or head into one of the Shire Homesteads and use the stable master in there) and run the race there. 3 quests done and barely 5 minutes in to your run, got to like that.

Don’t forget you don’t have to go over that first jump at the Breefields race, go around and head for the first gate, that’s all that counts.

Head back to Premium house (or head into Bree) and now travel to Thorin’s Gate. Up the steps and into the pub and you’l find Skori, who wants you to go and shine the beards of dwarves! This is one of my favourite silly quests in LOTRO and I can’t resist doing it. Some curious animations and the Unkempt Dwarfs will have the glow of having just done the top tier at a beer basher. 3 to 5 dwarves will be in the pub, but there’s more upstairs in Thorin’s Hall in case others are doing it at the same time.

Once you had in the quest you’ll get a Drinking Horn Kit that your metal crafter character can turn into, well, a drinking horn. Its good to have those optional ingredients (brimstone or whetstone) so you might crit and be able to turn one kit into enough drinking horns to turn in later in Minas Tirith, but we’ll come to that later. Now its hit your premium house skill again or head out to the stables and head to The Party Tree; this is one point at which it’ll be a real benefit to have a Stable Master at home as you’ll be able to get right to The Party Tree.

Talk to the Sneaky Hobbit at the tree and then jump over the hedge to the south to find the other quest here; a very easy one where you have to place foul flowers on tables at the party tree; I’ll let Vinca Pott explain why, I’m just here for the fast festival quest.

Place the flowers on the tables and keep an eye out for these guys, but its a quest that’s hard to fail and takes about 30 seconds, so its a no-brainer to include.

Now for those troublesome hobbits, who are on both sides of the river, 3 in Hobbiton itself and 5 on the hill, with the one outside Bag End the only one you have to go out of your way for. Don’t worry, I’m sure all the troublesome hobbits went to the fake party together and had a really good time by themselves, talking about how it was better without all those other people and wondering why the host didn’t come.

Once you’ve turned both quests in you’ll have 2 kits to make buns. Along with your drinking horn kit you’ll need to do a bit of crafting so you may need to juggle characters here. I’d suggest waiting a couple of days and building up a bit of a surplus and then distributing buns and horns to the characters running the festival before starting the run, makes it all a lot easier. Otherwise, you can craft in Minas Tirith right where you hand the completed items in.

There are other crafting quests you can do (1 in Thorins Hall, 2 in Celondim/Duillond and 2 in Bree) but they add up to too much running around to me and we’re trying to get done fast! By now you’ve done 6 quests and need to head back to Minas Tirith.

Got your crafted items ready? Head straight up to the Craftsmen’s Tier and into the crafting hall, a short run to the right. Go to the end and see Melthen the Marriage Wright and complete A Celebratory Snack and/or Drinking Horn quests by handing over what you’ve made. 2 quests in 10 seconds, that’s my kinda fast festival run! Now we’re at 8 quests done, we’re practically there.

There are quests in Minas Tirith that don’t involve lots of riding around back and forth between tiers and those are ideal to quickly finish your festival run. The non-competitive ones (i.e. you’re not having to chase other players for disappearing items) to pick from are:

Toss a coin – Ulthir, upstairs in The Splintered Shield, Soldiers’ Tier

A cure for all ills – Ioreth, Houses of Healing, High Stables Tier

Unhelpful Hounds – worried woman, technically on the Soldier’s Tier but much more easily accessed from The Craftsmens Tier that you just happen to be on right now. Hey, that’s handy, lets have a go at that!

Head past the stables and down the ramp to find the worried woman with all the dogs milling around in the area. 2021 is a year when patience is very useful, so let me teach you the zen of unhelpful hounds; do not chase hound, let hound come to you. Previously, the hound who had the ring would change each day, but that’s not happening this year. This year its the same hound every day and if you wait in place right by the quest giver the hound will come to you. They’ll come to you from the right and its one click and done. It really doesn’t get simpler!

With one left to do, its up to you, but I usually pick A cure for all ills because its easier to get to, just head back up the ramp after finishing unhelpful hounds, stable to high stables and dismount immediately after appearing (always get off right away when you arrive on this tier) and its a very short distance.

Alternatively, you can head up to the Citadel and pick up all the quests there, mainly from Merilien (I do hope she’s married to someone called Sil) and do one of them a day for variety.

That’s it, that’s your 10 done! Just don’t forget to head back down to the City Stables and hand in the wrapper. Its a pretty fast way to mix it up and do something different for the rest of the festival, freeing you up for getting back to whatever questing you’re enjoying right now, be it Azog or elsewhere!

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