Mister Hobbit’s Misadventures!

Hello there! LOTRO is my game of choice and I’ve been playing for more years than I care to admit to. I love its take on Tolkien’s Middle-earth and I enjoy visiting each day.

LOTRO is a MMO game, so there’s lots of quests and levelling up and exploring and…wait, hang on, I mean that’s part of how I play, but its actually not most of it! Sure, I have adventures, but most of the time I’m out there having misadventures; fooling around with festivals, decorating houses, playing with cosmetics, getting into places in the game I’m not supposed to go, finding the easter eggs, playing music and generally misbehaving.

I’m playing to have fun and this site is about some of the fun I have, along with some of the discoveries I make along the way that may be useful to other players. This isn’t so much how-to site as a might-want-to-try-that-one-day site! I may not be playing it “right”, but I’m here for the larks and japes and frolics with friends first, everything else second.

I mostly play on Landroval server, but you can find Mistahobbit on all the english-language LOTRO servers; keep an eye out for a hobbit in a big, blue hat as he tears around Middle-earth, usually on his towering and imposing steed Sticky (OK, its a hobby horse), or his low-slung and trusty mount Sportbacon. You’ll often see him at festivals or events or in unusual places in Bree, so say hello if you do! He’ll be the only one called “Mistahobbit” and will usually have a Weatherstock Wayfarer or events-related title on.

Want to see if Mistahobbit is at home? You’ll find him at 5 Myrtle Court, Bybarton, Shire Homesteads on the live servers and 2 Harrow Road, Yarrowbank, Shire Homesteads on the legendary servers.

You can also find me on twitter and on the lotro forums.

I’m here for the larks and japes and frolics with friends first, everything else second

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This site will build and change over time, so check back soon for more updates!